How it all began

It became apparent that between just two people there was an ever building collection of plastic entering our house.

The sheer volume of items made from plastic, and the fact that it was then delivered wrapped in even more plastic packaging was quite shocking.

The fact that plastic packaging was forced upon us was the most frustrating. Most of the things that came in it didn’t even need packaging at all.

After filling the recycle bin to the brim for a couple of months and wondering ‘what really happens to it all when it’s taken away?’  It was obvious that rather than worrying about what happens to it, and the associated horror stories around recycling, not filling the recycle bin was the best thing to do.

The only way we could stop filling the recycle bin was to stop buying things that came in plastic or didn’t need to be made of the stuff in the first place.

After looking online for alternatives to our every day purchases that didn’t include plastic we found out that the variety was huge. The problem we then found was that we couldn’t buy everything we wanted in one place.

There was no such thing as a plastic free ‘One Stop Shop’! This was when we decided it was time that one was made!

And so we became Planet Conscious .………